museum of life
The story of your life is told by those little valued personal objects. This is the museum of me.

1. Pooh My mother grew up in South Africa. This is one of the books she owned when she was a little girl. It’s Winnie the Pooh. I love the illustrations. My mother passed away almost twenty years ago when she was 47 years old. This makes the book all the more valuable to me. I love reading and I love children’s books. I studied Children’s Literature at the University of Leiden and wrote an elementary school teaching method on reading promotion. Give me a stack of children’s books and I won’t bother you for a while.

2. Amour éternel Part of me dreams of living in a little village in France, speaking French all day, playing jeu de boules en driving a Citroën Méhari. I bought this mini-Méhari in France. It’s in my Studio and every now and then I softly whisper sweet French words to it.

3. Theatrical bouquets of flowers In a future life a will be a florist and spend my days creating theatrical bouquets of flowers. I always have fresh flowers in my home and love the combination of delphinium, peonies and eucalyptus.

4. Tools Writing, drawing, painting, collaging, sewing or photography. Not a single day goes by without me creating. It’s my livelihood, but at the same time it’s a way of living. By creating, I design my life, both literally and metaphorically. It’s how I experience, play, document, relax, process and manifest. I’ve always done it like this and I couldn’t do it any other way. Or wouldn’t.

5. Light Fluorescent lamp light or bright lights make me feel unhappy. Specially when they blink. That’s why: big fan of fairy lights and candles.

6. Classic I love this beauty: a Polaroid SX70 camera. I still use it on a regular basis, though the film is expensive, exposure control is difficult and the Polaroids have to develop in the dark. Nonetheless….classic beauty.

7. Turquoise I prefer handwriting with a fountain pen and turquoise Japanese ink. It won’t get any more luxurious and specific than this.

8. Paradiso Music always surrounds me, whether I’m working, driving my car or folding the laundry. I love to sing and even performed in the legendary Paradiso Amsterdam, which doesn’t mean I’m the best singer in the world, but I am one of the most enthusiastic.

9. Tableware Cooking is a life-long passion and cook books are my literature of choice. I feel most happy when I’m wining and dining at a beautifully set table surrounded by my loved ones. I’m not a collector of things, but tableware is an exception to this. This pudding mold is part of the pastel tableware by Petrus Regout made in the fifties and sixties.