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“Space? Time?
I don’t have time.
First I have to…
And second I need to….
I’m always busy.
Where do the minutes, hours and days go?
Like I said before: I don’t have time.”

I’ve got news for you. You don’t have time. You make time.

It’s a matter of setting your priorities straight. You will always keep thinking: “yeah, but first I have to….” We’re all hiding behind our busying. But are we really that busy? And if we are, doing what?

Plan your creativity, dreams and desires. We often think we have to be in the right state of mind to create. If you decide to wait for the perfect moment, the chances are high you won’t create anything. Make space for your dreams and desires in your planner. It’s as simple as that.

And once you’ve planned out that space, use it to actually create. Observe yourself and notice how you react. Are you starting to clean? Or check your phone all the time? Watch Netflix? Eat chocolate? All the tricks in the book that you can do to prevent you from having to start creating. Choosing to live your desired life requires more effort then turning on the television or the computer.

You don’t have enough time? Or do you have to much excuses?

Turn off your computer and put your phone away.
It’s time to create.