at my kitchen table week 44
I’m sitting at my kitchen table, looking back at the week.

While his owners went away on a weekend trip, Vince came to stay with us. Since Pip passed away last year, our house is without a dog. Sometimes the house is too quiet and empty (and very tidy), so Vince couldn’t be more welkome. Compared to Pip, Vince is a giant. The sweetest and most adorable giant. After two days of walking, cuddling, eating, sleeping and playing the BFG went home again. And now the house is too quiet and empty (and very tidy) again.
I read ‘Art Journal Your Archetypes’ from Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli. In this book you’ll find out your archetypes and how to use these archetypes as an inspiration in your mixed media work. I was inspired and enthusiastic.
I started promoting my new e-course ‘Create Creativity’. After all the preparations and working alone, it is so wonderful to finally be able to share this with you all. Wonderful, and exciting. We’re starting November 14. You can enroll now!
On the turntable in Studio Polle. (I guess it’s women’s week)
Instagram is one of my favourite online hang outs. Besides posting my own pictures, I love looking at pictures others are posting. In these week reviews I’d like to celebrate the account of photographers I love and admire. This week it’s the account of Elizabeth Bailey. Elizabeth’s photographs are emotional and conceptual self portraits. To me they are the perfect example of how to use self portraiture as visual storytelling. I love her work so much.
This Friday I was invited to attend the book launch of the debut novel ‘Voorland’ of Octavie Wolters. Octavie and me share a blog history, and I like her writings very much, so I cannot wait to read her novel. I’m afraid, for now, the novel is only available in Dutch.

The coming week I will be recording audio and video for ‘Create Creativity’. I also will be going to a philosophical book club meeting and pose for a photo project of a friend. To be continued.

Enjoy the weekend and have a beautiful week!