Moments preserved in time



Untamed Whispers

My series, “Untamed Whispers,” celebrates the strength, resilience, and untamed spirit of women. Drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of mythology, folk tales and fairytales, my photographs weave a tapestry of narratives that honor the essence of the feminine in all its facets.


Dream of Fish

In my photographic series, “Dream of Fish,” I embark on a visually enchanting journey that reimagines the concept of femininity through the captivating world of fish. Guided by the profound symbolism of fish representing femininity, I immerse these graceful creatures in unexpected environments, allowing their ethereal presence to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection.


Through the Pages of Innocence

In “Through the Pages of Innocence,” I initiate on a heartfelt exploration of the enchanting world of children, drawing inspiration from the magic of children’s books and the art of storytelling. Guided by my experiences as a primary school teacher and a passionate photographer, I celebrate the innocence, wonder, and boundless imagination that reside within each child’s heart.


The Curtain’s Embrace

In “The Curtain’s Embrace”, I draw inspiration from the enchanting world of vintage circus and theatre. With a nod to the dramatic flair and timeless allure of these bygone spectacles, I construct cinematic scenes that serve as a stage for exploring the depths of theatrical emotions and narratives.


Moments in Motion: A Visual Diary

In the midst of the ordinary, lies the extraordinary—a kaleidoscope of fleeting moments that form the very essence of life. My photographic series, “Moments in Motion: A Visual Diary,” delves into the beauty of the everyday, capturing the small things and situations that grace my daily life, transforming them into a mesmerizing cinematographic narrative.


The Forest’s Veil

In my black and white photographic series, “The Forest’s Veil” I immerse myself in the depths of the forest—a realm where nature’s symphony orchestrates a tapestry of emotions. Guided by the enchanting atmosphere of the forest, I explore the profound connection between nature and human emotions, where every rustle of leaves and shaft of light carries whispers of the soul.


Visual Sonic

In the silence between notes, in the quietude between words sung, lies a landscape of untold emotion, a terrain ripe for exploration. My series, ‘Visual Sonic,’ is a black and white paean to the lyrical odes that have shaped me, a visual journey through the echoing chambers of songs that resonate within my soul.


On a Leash

In my mixed media series, “On a Leash,” I weave a heartfelt narrative that transcends traditional boundaries of artistic expression. Combining black and white photographs with the vivid hues of pastels, ink, and paint, I tell a story about connection and preservation. It is an ode to the beauty of preserving memories and emotions—the desire to hold on to the essence of what has shaped me. 

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