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On a Leash

In my mixed media series, “On a Leash,” I weave a heartfelt narrative that transcends traditional boundaries of artistic expression. Combining black and white photographs with the vivid hues of pastels, ink, and paint, I tell a story about connection and preservation. It is an ode to the beauty of preserving memories and emotions—the desire to hold on to the essence of what has shaped me. 

Within this series, various animals take center stage, symbolizing the fragments of my heart that I yearn to keep close. Each creature becomes a guardian of memories, embodying the courage, wisdom, and resilience that resonate with my innermost being. Through the self-portraits intertwined with these animal representations, I become both the keeper and the kept, tethered to the emotions and experiences that shape my identity.

The leash that binds me to these creatures serves as a visual metaphor—a portrayal of the delicate balance between holding on and letting go. It becomes a poignant reminder that preservation often comes hand in hand with the recognition of impermanence.

As I venture into the realm of mixed media, I celebrate the harmonious coexistence of different art forms, each one amplifying the emotional depth of the other. The black and white photographs ground the artworks in reality, capturing the fleeting moments that have left an indelible mark on my soul. The addition of pastels, ink, and paint infuses vibrancy into these memories, bringing forth their liveliness and significance.

In “On a Leash”, I invite viewers to partake in the poignant act of preserving and cherishing their own heart’s treasures. Each artwork becomes an emotional sanctuary, resonating with the universality of human connection and the desire to hold onto what truly matters.

My artistic vision is to transcend conventional storytelling, allowing the mixed media elements to ignite a dialogue with viewers on a visceral level. Through the fusion of diverse mediums, I seek to mirror the complexities and beauty of the human soul—celebrating the joyous moments and acknowledging the melancholy that comes with attachment.

In “On a Leash”, I honor the profound significance of the heart’s treasures and the delicate dance of holding on and letting go. This series is an homage to the power of art in preserving and distilling the essence of what we hold dear.

Through this exploration, I encourage viewers to embrace the emotions and memories that bind them, to cherish their heart’s treasures, and to find solace in the act of preserving what truly matters.

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