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Mentoring sessions: More of You

Sometimes it’s as if all of your attention is focused on other people’s needs. You feel rushed by the hectic pace of life. You’re wondering how much is left of you. You feel unseen and unheard.

You’re longing for some quality time to spend with yourself and the opportunity to focus on your talents and dreams. You want to build a life based on remembering precious things from the past, celebrating the present and manifesting your future. Your biggest wish: a sparkling life for you and those you love filled with truth, abundance, freedom and joy.

This is the invitation you were waiting for. My invitation to you to create all the space and time in the world for you and your talents. My invitation to you to make your dreams come true. I’ll show you how. Step by step we’ll build a bridge between your current situation and the future you want. We’ll create the conditions for more life, more freedom, more expression, more joy and more contact with yourself and the world around you: more of you!

Do you accept this invitation? Then we’ll meet via Skype every two weeks. We will do this for a minimum of three times. We’ll talk, but there will also be plenty of time for creative exercises (writing/photography/painting), mindfulness, meditations/visualizations and voice dialogue. Between our sessions, and for two weeks after our last session, I will be available for guidance, deepening and support.

It’s time for more of you. For the best possible version of you. Change your life and take the first step today.


Yes buttonI want to sign up for 3 hour long sessions. I’ll pay € 215 in full and save 10%.


Yes buttonI want to sign up for 3 hour long sessions. I’ll pay 3 payments of € 80.


More of you mentoring sessions. www.studiopolle.com

How does it work?

  • You click the sign up button and schedule your first session right away.
  • Within 24 hours after signing up, you’ll receive a form with a few questions. These questions will prepare us both for the first session, so we can spend our time together most effectively.
  • You complete and return the form via email a day before our first session.
  • The More of You Mentoring Program consists of a minimum of three sessions. That way we will be able to really transform your life.
  • You can pay using Paypal.
  • We meet on Skype, Facetime or phone for one hour sessions.
  • Between our three sessions, and for two weeks after our last session, I will be available via
    e-mail for guidance, deepening and support.
  • After completing your mentoring sessions, you’ll receive a discount of 10% on my e-courses and workshops.
  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


www.studiopolle.nl More and more of you. Meer Jij mentorsessies