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I don’t have time for dreams

I don't have time for dreams. www.studiopolle.com
Happy New Year! This is the first inspiration blog in 2017. I hope this year you will create the space and time to make all your dreams and desires come true.

“Space? Time?
I don’t have time.
First I have to…
And second I need to….
I’m always busy.
Where do the minutes, hours and days go?
Like I said before: I don’t have time.”

I’ve got news for you. You don’t have time. You make time.

It’s a matter of setting your priorities straight. You will always keep thinking: “yeah, but first I have to….” We’re all hiding behind our busying. But are we really that busy? And if we are, doing what?

Plan your creativity, dreams and desires. We often think we have to be in the right state of mind to create. If you decide to wait for the perfect moment, the chances are high you won’t create anything. Make space for your dreams and desires in your planner. It’s as simple as that.

And once you’ve planned out that space, use it to actually create. Observe yourself and notice how you react. Are you starting to clean? Or check your phone all the time? Watch Netflix? Eat chocolate? All the tricks in the book that you can do to prevent you from having to start creating. Choosing to live your desired life requires more effort then turning on the television or the computer.

You don’t have enough time? Or do you have to much excuses?

Turn off your computer and put your phone away.
It’s time to create.

Originality vs authenticity

originality vs authenticity www.studiopolle.com

I was having a conversation with Catherine Just about being original. She asked me about my goals in photography and I told her that I wanted to be “original”. “Being original is difficult”, she said. “Almost everything has been done before.”

I want to make special things. Not something that looks like work made by others, but something that’s completely me.

Catherine’s right. Almost everything has been done before. Almost all things remind us of something we’ve seen before. Originality is a difficult, and perhaps impossible goal to achieve.

A quest for creativity is a quest for authenticity. What do you want to tell? How do you want to tell it? What’s your tone of voice? Who are you? When do you feel most vulnerable?

Find your own way. Find your own voice.


If you add your own way of expressing yourself to what’s been done before, than the result instantly is completely you. The result is authenticity. Attempts to be original can feel forced and uneasy, but if you see something authentic you can feel in your gut that you’re looking at something special.

There’s so much more to creativity than the technical aspects. The technical aspects are about how well you can draw a horse, understanding the perfect camera settings or how well you can knit without dropping stitches. The other, much more important aspects are about the courage to show up, the obstacles you have to overcome, your insights and convictions and eventually how comfortable you are spending time with yourself.

I want to make special things. Not something that looks like work made by others, but something that’s completely me. Because everything has been done before. But not by me.

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how to find your creative voice www.studiopolle.com

Few people find true happiness in imitating or being a playback singer. Therefore finding your own style is a big ambition of all creatives. So how to find your creative voice?

Your own voice has a unique sound, by which others will recognize you. Your own style is determined by:

  • style you see: techniques, in focus or blurred, a big brush or a pen, colour or black and white. What are the visual characteristics of your work?
  • style you experience: melancholia or happiness, superficial or deep, light or heavy, introvert or extrovert. How do you feel?
  • the style you are: convictions, norms and values, vision. What’s your message?

How important is it to find your own creative voice? It’s very important, because your own style expresses the core of your being. Due to aligning character, expression and emotions of/in your work, coherence, strength and authenticity will develop in your art.

5 tips and tricks to find your creative style:

  1. Try out using different techniques and find the technique you like most. Practice and study.
  2. Be vulnerable. Express your true self in your creations and authenticity will be your reward.
  3. Sometimes you need to eliminate the influences of other artists. When you avoid reading books, looking at photographs or admiring paintings while you’re working on a creative project of your own, it forces you to only trust your own intuition. Also it can also be useful to create in the morning before you do anything else. Morning papers and social media can wait. As a result your mind will be more fresh and focused.
  4. Take risks. If you tend to repeat the way you do things, it is worth trying to make some small changes. Not repeating yourself will probably be a challenge. When you change things, you will notice that taking these risks will make your work more special and authentic.
  5. Practice describing your work. Use your creative voice, literally. As a result of describing your work (the way it looks, the theme or subject, which techniques you’ve used), you’ll get clear around the purpose of it and the quality of your work will improve.

Finally: Keep in mind that your style is not static. It will change with the passing of time. Finding your creative voice is an ongoing proces filled with discoveries and inventions.  And most of all: you can do it!

Now go make something beautiful.

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Waiting for inspiration? www.studiopolle.com
One of the questions I get asked about most: how do you find ideas and inspiration?

Creatives often talk about inspiration as if it is a hard and difficult subject. I think that’s nonsense. Inspiration can be so light and easy!

You only need two things to swim in an endless sea of ideas and inspiration:
an open mind and confidence.

Approach life with an open mind. When you turn off curiosity and wait passively for the muses to visit you, be prepared for a long wait. No one will come, nothing will happen. But ….. when you put on your bathing suit and dive into the water open-minded and curious, you will notice the beautiful coloured fishes surrounding you. Illumination is always there, but you have to have an open mind to be inspired.

To swim, you need confidence that you will be able to float once you’re in the water. If you have that confidence, you’ll feel free to enjoy the surroundings and be inspired.

What if you’ve turned on your curiosity and confidence, but you still need an extra inspiration boost? Don’t wait ‘till the ideas start arriving, but try one of the following inspiration boosters:

  1. Experience. Get moving, literally and figuratively. Practice your wanderlust. Use your senses. Try to really see, feel, hear and experience. The more you practice this, the more intense your observations will be and the more ideas you’ll catch.
  2. Surround yourself with good influences. Visit a museum, read a book, watch a documentary or use Pinterest as a resource. Surrounding yourself with the ideas and inspiration of others, will teach you how to be a better swimmer.
  3. Associate. Choose a starting point, for example an emotion or an object you love. Make a mindmap with this starting point. Associate, connect and let your mind wander free. Inspiration will flow.

Waiting for inspiration? Be prepared for a long wait. www.studiopolle.nl
This mindmap eventually lead to creating the picture above. The original mindmap subject was : ‘you are here’. It was about feeling at home, or looking for a place to feel at home. In the mindmap I wrote ‘dress’ and ‘letter’, which were associations I had. I combined those and took this picture: made possible by curiosity, confidence and association.

Discover your creative potential. Your story is waiting to be told.