It is the year 1972. The last astronauts are moonwalking. There’s a Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland. The Godfather premieres and Eddy Merckx wins the Tour the France for the fourth time. That summer a red-haired baby is born in Amsterdam.

As a child I love to dance, draw and read. I don’t like to spend the night away from home. In high school I’m terrible at maths, but I have a knack for learning languages. At Primary School Teacher Training College I write my graduate thesis about “emergent literacy”, and children’s literature becomes a life long passion. After that I work as a teacher on primary schools, as a massage therapist, and as a writer of teaching methods. I meet the most wonderful man, bond with a dog and perform as a one hit wonder at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. I’m writing on my blog since 2005.

I live in the middle of the Netherlands, halfway between city and nature. Everyday I do what I love doing most: writing, photography and mixed media. Preferably all at the same time, in one piece of work. My work carries themes of the layers in reality and dreams, femininity, transformation and memory.

I love to travel to France or Belin, but most of all I love to travel back home. Food is my love language. I speak in delicious small dishes and wine pairings. I want to get lost in Gimme Shelter’s intro, Sarah Kane’s books and art by Cy Twombly. I love Polaroids, delphiniums and winter.

I help creative entrepreneurs build a life and business based around their creativity. I teach and create online courses, offer coaching and organize offline events.

I do the best moonwalk and I love watching the Tour de France.