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A Journey of Artistic Sensibility and Gastronomic Exploration

Welcome to my creative universe! I am Esmee, a passionate photographer, artist, and gastronome, journeying through life with an insatiable appetite for capturing moments and creating art that embraces the senses.

I’m hailing from the enchanting streets of Amsterdam. Embracing the allure of photography, art, and storytelling, my creative journey unfolds like a beautifully written narrative. Before I discovered my artistic calling, I nurtured young minds as an elementary school teacher, laying the foundation for a heartfelt connection with both art and education. Now, weaving my passion for visuals and emotions, I paint evocative masterpieces that dance between the realms of dreams and reality. 


Beyond my artistic endeavors, I am an avid reader and history geek, finding inspiration in the stories of the past. I cherish art, theatre, design and dark alternative music, finding joy in exploring the vast worlds of creativity. With a passion for the silver screen, I delight in watching films that transport me to far-off lands and evoke a myriad of emotions.

Intrigued by the whimsical and enchanting, I find beauty in the surreal, from theatrical bouquets of flowers to the awe-inspiring atmosphere of museums. With each stroke of my brush and every click of the camera, I weave emotions and visuals into evocative masterpieces that dance between the realms of dreams and reality.

A Life-Altering Experience – The Power of Perspective:

My creative journey took an unexpected turn when I faced a life-threatening illness that landed me in the ICU. In that vulnerable space, I confronted the fragility of life and gained a newfound appreciation for every breath, every moment. It was during those challenging times that I learned the true value of cherishing life’s simple joys and savoring its profound beauty.

Embracing Courage and Uncertainty:

Before my ordeal, at times I had questioned the creative path I should take. However, the experience of battling adversity ignited a spark within me. It gifted me the courage to embrace uncertainty, to trust my instincts, and to fearlessly pursue my passion for art, photography, and the culinary arts. Life’s fragility became a catalyst for embracing my creativity wholeheartedly, without hesitation or doubt.

From Darkness to Creative Resurgence:

As I emerged from that dark chapter, I vowed to infuse every aspect of my life with passion and creativity. Photography became more than capturing images; it became a way to preserve fleeting moments of joy and introspection. Art evolved from a hobby into an outlet for self-expression and a source of strength during challenging times. Gastronomy transformed into a celebration of flavors and culinary artistry, a tribute to the pleasure of being alive.

My Love for Photography – Moments Made Timeless:

The camera is an extension of my eyes, allowing me to freeze time and preserve cherished memories. With a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for both the grand and the subtle, I find beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary alike. Black and white photography, in its monochromatic allure, has been my canvas to evoke emotions and tell stories that resonate universally.




The Artistry Within – Where Senses Converge:

Beyond the lens, I delve into the realm of art, where colors dance, textures tell tales, and emotions find expression on canvas. Each stroke of the brush is an invitation to embrace the diversity of human experiences and ignite the creative spirit within. Art, for me, is a form of meditation, where I lose myself in the process and connect with the depths of imagination.

Culinary Exploration – A Feast for All Senses:

As an ardent food enthusiast, I have discovered the captivating connection between gastronomy and visual artistry. My food photography aims to tantalize not only the eyes but also the taste buds, bringing the essence of each dish to life. In culinary exploration, I find a symphony of flavors that complements the visual feast, resulting in a sensory experience that celebrates life’s pleasures.

An Odyssey of Teaching and Sharing:

Inspiring others to embrace their creative sides brings me immense joy. Through workshops and courses, I aim to guide individuals on their own artistic journeys, encouraging them to see the beauty in everyday life and the magic in their unique perspectives. Witnessing the growth and discovery of my students fuels my passion to spread the joy of art, photography, and the culinary arts.

Collaborations and Beyond:

My creative odyssey is not limited to individual pursuits. I love to collaborate with fellow artists, chefs, and enthusiasts, combining visions and talents to craft visual stories that transcend boundaries. Together, we breathe life into ideas, curating art and photography that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Join the Journey:

Thank you for being a part of my artistic voyage. I invite you to immerse yourself in the sensory delights of art, photography, and culinary explorations. Let’s connect, create, and celebrate life’s beauty together.

Whether you’re a fellow artist, a food lover, or simply someone seeking inspiration, I hope my work sparks joy and resonates with your heart.

Reach out to me today and join me on this wondrous odyssey of creativity and sensory delights.


What I Do

As an artist, photographer, and food enthusiast, I bring your creative visions to life and offer personalized coaching to unlock your potential.

Additionally, you can explore my captivating artworks, savor the delights of food photography and styling, or collaborate on visual storytelling projects.

Together, let’s weave an enchanting tapestry of artistry and inspiration.

Artistic Photography

Captivating black and white photographs, evoking emotions and storytelling through the lens of imagination, while offering unique and evocative artworks for purchase.

Food Styling, Photography, and Recipe Creation

Crafting visually appealing food photography, showcasing delectable dishes with a touch of artistry, while also sharing the art of culinary creation through original recipes.

Personalized Art Coaching

Guiding aspiring artists in honing their creative skills, exploring emotions, and finding their artistic voice.

How I Work


Reach out to begin our creative journey together, sharing your aspirations and visions for coaching, purchasing artwork, or enlisting my expertise in food photography and styling.


Experience personalized coaching sessions, explore and acquire artworks that resonate with your soul, or collaborate on delectable food photography and styling projects, all designed to fulfill your unique needs and desires.


Embark on a transformative experience as we nurture your creativity, discover the perfect artwork for your space, or craft visually captivating culinary stories that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Work With Me

Let’s embark on a creative odyssey together – fill out the form, and let’s discuss how we can collaborate and bring your visions to life.


Artistic Photography

Food Styling, Photography and Recipe Creation

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